Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Tuesday After A Holiday...

Oy vey! The Tuesday after a holiday is always kinda rough. There are sometimes I wonder why I took the Monday off to begin with. Today was packed and it looks like it is going to be crazy all week. I ended up working late tonight. The only thing I had the energy to cook was noodles with a little bit of butter and salt and pepper. Which is okay, because I love noodles with butter. It is comfort food, so it was all good.

I had such a nice compliment today. One of the nicest ladies that I work with, whom I have the greatest respect for had asked me to email her photos of the house that I am in the process of buying. She came running up to me at lunchtime when I was walking out to my car, and said how darling the house is. She also said that when she saw it all she could think was how perfect it was for me. She says that it just looks like me and my style, so she was very excited for me.

I have been thinking about the things that I will miss about the house I have been renting for the past couple of years. I have really loved this little 600 square foot house. It is about 100 years old, but had a lot of remodeling done. It is a little strange in its layout but so very cozy. It has a cool, really old fireplace in it. It also has these kinda funky pipes that climb up the rear of the fireplace. Apparently, back in the old days this was how the water was heated for the residents of the house to have hot water for bathing. I think it is kind of cool. It also has kind of a funky yard, which much to my dismay and Liesl delight invites pocket gophers. Liesl loves to stand on gopher patrol and thinks it is a great game.

I do not think I will still be able to hear the sea lion songs at night when I move. I love hearing them, but who knows how far their song travels. I will miss the sound of the fog horns as I will be a bit further inland. But again, who knows. I will miss my lovely neighbors. I will not miss the one that has decided to start sleeping out on her front lawn overnight lately, for whatever reason. It is cold out at night and she is kind of creeping me out in the early morning when I walk Liesl.

Despite missing so many things about this house, I am excited about the new house. I have offers of help moving and a couple of department heads that get deliveries in large, well constructed boxes bringing them to me as they come in. My BFF says that she has done many moves, quite a few were long distance and so she is a packing maven. She is coming over on Saturday to help me get things boxed up. I have such awesome family and friends.

One thing that I truly did not realize and no one talks abou,t is what an emotional process buying a house is. For one it is pretty stressful, but there are a lot of emotional ups and downs. I thought it would be like buying a car. You look around, find one you like, you put your down payment down and you drive off. Not so with a house. There is a lot of emotional stuff tied to it, particularly since shelter is one of your basic necessities. One of my dearest, wisest and most philosophical friends says it is because it is tied to your little girl dreams. We all dreamt of this as a little girl and so a lot of stuff comes out in the process. What a surprise, but it makes sense.

Well, I have yammered on long enough. I am off to bed...

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