Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whoosh, There Went The Weekend!

Here is my blackwork piece that I have been working on. Everything is done in bands. I love it! This is going to be magnificent when it is done! It is also going to be huge. I love large projects! They are so dramatic.

After church today, I came home and packed. I got so much done. I have about 20 boxes packed and I am purging a lot. I ran out of boxes. A huge bunch is being held for me at work. So I can pick them up tomorrow and work on it during the week. A few boxes a day and I should be able to be ready when escrow closes.

I was able to get so much done today because I have a small dog that has been standing over a gopher hole outside, waiting. I am afraid for the day that she catches the gopher and hope that it will not be brought to me in the form of a present. Ewww. She has been vigilant and tenacious in her waiting.

A quick funny Liesl story. Every morning, Liesl goes into my boss' office to visit her Malti-poo first thing in the morning. Every once in a while my boss will give her a treat when she is in there, but only if Liesl sits. So on Friday, Liesl sat right in front of her in her very best and prettiest sit. She waited a couple of seconds and then started to nod her little puppy head in the direction of the treat jar on the filing cabinet. Schnauzers. They are masters of communication.

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Cari said...

May I ask what that blackwork piece is called? It's lovely!