Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Day Of Awesome!

What a great day! We slept in until about 9am today. Oh, my goodness! It felt really decadent. It had rained last night and was dark and looking drizzly this morning. This, sadly, meant no beach walk today, so we just took our time getting up slowly. I got under a blanket and sipped my tea. Little Miss Liesl positioned herself under my feet, which keeps us both nice and toasty. Liesl dropped off to sleep again.

After I finished my tea, I figured that I needed to get the day in motion so I could get everything done. My hair was getting a bit unruly so I went off to my hairdresser so she could tame it for me. She fit me right into her schedule, because she is awesome. She has been doing my hair for about 16 years. I never ask her to style my hair a certain way. I sit down in the chair and she works her magic. Now it looks cute again and I am happy.

On the way back home, I gassed up the Patti-wagon, then thought I would stop in at Marshall's. I remembered that they had beautiful granite type stone items like lotion bottles for use on bathroom counters. I want something really pretty to go in my new bathroom, so decided to check it out. I love Marshall's. You never know what you will find in there. I went in and found a gorgeous stone lotion bottle and dish. They are so pretty and in a warm color. Plus they were on clearance. Yay! The will look perfect on my bathroom counter. Then I saw something ideal for my BFF's Christmas goodie bag. Nice. As I was heading back to the registers I saw the cutest sweater for work with a ruffled edge for $20. I reshuffled my items in my arms, then picked up a cute full sized toy rabbit for Liesl in their pet section. I knew I had to get out of there, but that was when I saw it--THE perfect purse. Red, crocodile. The perfect size and shape. I had officially run out of arm space and so I had to get out of there. A good haul! (Liesl loves her bunny.)

I was totally craving my favorite salad from Trader Joe's, but thought twice about going there. TJ's is a scary place to go on a Saturday. It is usually packed and the parking lot is a house of horrors. If you actually make it inside, there is mayhem. Nevertheless, I thought I would live dangerously and I would check it out. Just as I pulled into the lot, a spot opened up right in front of the store. I do not think that I have ever had a spot right in front of the store. I ran in, scored my salad(s) and headed home. I had my salad- a Thai citrus chicken salad to die for! So yummy. And I felt like I was a good girl. I was feeling happy and thought I would pick up the phone and call my daughter, which always makes me happy. I told her that Alton Brown is coming to the Bay Area to do book signings, so it looks like we are going to try to go together to one of the book signings. I love Alton Brown. Good Eats is one of my all time favorite shows. I have one of his official salt pigs and everything!

It was time to face the music and get down to the business of packing. I got so much done! I have thrown out a lot. I also called to arrange a pick up with a local charity of some furniture and items that I would like to donate. I washed out cupboards, stacked my boxes (some up to the ceiling), and talked to the nice people at Comcast about moving my service. They were fantastic and so accommodating about the scheduling. It was such a good customer service experience. I feel like I accomplished so much today!

So tonight, I have played with Liesl and gave her lots of hugs and kisses, which she loves. I feel so badly because in a 600 square foot house, floor space is at a premium. She has even less space to play with boxes everywhere. So I am trying to keep her from getting stressed. She seems to be eating okay and is still ornery as all get out, so I guess all is well. Tonight I am watching Brian Regan on Netflix, and getting ready to stitch. I love me some Brian Regan, he makes me laugh out loud. This has been such an awesome day, so laughing is a great way to end it.

I love days that have simple, cool and happy things that happen all day. This day was awesome and kicks off a week that is pretty darn special!

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April Mechelle said...

Patti, I am so glad you has a great day!! Happy Stitching!