Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Perfect Day!

What a great day! The day started with church, of course. I got to sit next to one of my favorite people, and the gospel and sermon were exactly the message I needed to hear today. It is always interesting when that happens.

After church I went to have lunch with my old boss, who I have not seen in years. We sat for two hours catching up and laughing so hard that I thought we might get asked to leave the restaurant. LOL It was so great to see her and we just had a blast. We agreed that we need to have lunch more often! Plus I got to have a delicious BLT, my very favorite sandwich on earth. Yum!

On the way home, I got to talk to my BFF via cell phone (yes, hands free!) She told me that she is gathering up her landscape design and gardening books and putting them into a bag for me to borrow for as long as I like for when I move. Then she totally surprised me by telling me that she took a landscaping design course at a local community college and would love to help me with my yard when it is time. Now this was such a surprise to me. She is an avid gardener and has a gorgeous garden, from which she brings me bouquets of beautiful roses. I had no idea she was a pro though. In fact, her husband keeps an old truck for her so that he can take her to go get landscaping supplies. She has also offered to help me paint when the time comes. I am dreaming of warm pumpkin colored paint on my kitchen walls, so she says she will help me. A true friend is one who will offer to help you paint.

I was glad to get home to my sweet Liesl. She is such a remarkable little dog. After a big greeting filled with kisses and tail wags, we both decided to take a nap. This was one of the best naps I have taken in a long time and woke up feeling relaxed. Liesie looked content, too. Afterward she went off to the yard. There is a new gopher hole out there and she will stand watch over it for hours, if I let her. I will walk outside several times a day to see her standing there intently staring down this gopher hole.

Tonight I stitched. I am working on that blackwork piece I mentioned in an earlier post. I love how much ground you can cover quickly in blackwork. My distraction, however, was that new show on Discovery called Curiosity. I love these kinds of shows. Tonight it was about quantum mechanics, matter and anti-matter, black holes, etc. It was pretty deep subject, so I had to keep stopping to try to wrap my head around what they were talking about. It was fascinating.

A three day weekend is so awesome. Tonight I am staying up late to stitch, so that nap paid off! It is so nice to be able to stitch as late as I want to. Liesl already went to her puppy bed, which is kind of a bummer because she was keeping my feet warm before she left.

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