Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Busy Day!

It was a very busy day, but I got so much done. After a cup of tea this morning, I went into my office/craft room to pack everything up. This has been the only room where I have felt a pang of sadness. I have really loved this house that I have been renting. My little office has been a special place for me. I thought about all of the time that I have spent in there. I have studied for my classes in there, sewed, written cards, wrapped Christmas gifts, framed my stitching, taken work home from my office, or just went in there for quiet in the evening. I decorated it to look so cute and comfy. Now it is entirely packed up. While it did make me a little sad, it also felt good to get it all done.

The other thing that I did today was go purchase my refrigerator at Home Depot. I was going to purchase it online last night because I would save an extra $100 online, but it would take two weeks for delivery. I went into the store because I have never had to wait that long when I have had appliances delivered to my rental. I took in the model number to the store. The super nice man in the appliance center said that he thought that they could do better on the delivery date. Sure enough, he got me a delivery this week on the day that I wanted it delivered. On top of that he gave me the internet price. Home Depot rocks! My refrigerator is stainless steel with the freezer on the bottom. It is pretty. It even has an ice maker, which is good because I am terrible about refilling those ice trays! As I was getting ready to leave, the salesman said, "Now that you own a home, we will probably be seeing you in here alot." Totally.

I must tell you that if you ever need anything spackled, I am your girl. I have been spackling nail and screw holes today. I must say that this is a handy little talent to have. It has actually been pretty fun. Who knew there were so many different kinds of spackle?!

So one more day of work and I am on vacation. This is such a big, exciting week. I can't wait to spend the first night in my new house. I can't wait to get my fridge. I am excited for Liesl and her new yard and look forward to playing ball with her in it. The house looks pretty empty without all of the decorations up right now. But soon enough, I will have more projects than I can keep up with! This is so awesome!

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