Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Love Autumn! (And Other Random Thoughts)

Well, we have had two days and nights of really hard rain. It has been nice, actually. I have had the two best nights of sleep that I have had in a long time. I love the sound of rain. At one time, I actually had a tape of rain. I wonder if you can get that on iTunes. It is just so peaceful.

In any case, I am happy it is fall. I love fall. The crispness in the air. The smell of the first fires in fireplaces. I love the recipes for fall because I love pumpkin. I am looking forward to making my first sweet potato pie of the season. I love soups and it is the time of year for it. I am also getting out my fall sweaters. The colors of this time of year make me happy. It is the time for snuggling inside and spending days quilting, stitching and reading or napping, curled up with a warm, small dog (even though she snores).

I did not get to do much this evening. My friend called me in the early evening to tell me a silly story. He had me laughing so hard! I will share that I have a very silly sense of humor, well honed in my youth on Bugs Bunny cartoons and Abbott and Costello movies. Laughing is one of life's great joys and I am grateful to have people in my life who make me laugh. I also work in a place where there is a lot of laughter heard in the office hallways, and we always remark that this is not normal for an office.

I have been blessed in the past year with finding a fantastic doctor. She is a GP and is not only a great doctor, she is a phenomenal human being. The other doctor in her office and my doctor are people of tremendous faith, and have both told me that they pray for their patients everyday. They also have an amazing staff that are so kind and compassionate, and are just so nice to you if you are sick, even if you have a cold or flu. Anyway, my doctor and I always end up having these really great conversations, particularly about faith. A couple of months ago, I was sharing some stressful situation. She stopped me and said something that I think about every single day since then. She said, "Remember that God will never put you into a situation where he does not have your back. God has always got your back." Those words have just stayed with me, and help me. Those words keep me from being angry, scared or worried. I thought that I would share them with you, because maybe you may need to hear them today, too.

Have a happy Friday!

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