Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Snuggled In

Wow! It absolutely poured last night. It rained so hard that neither Liesl nor I woke up at all. It was one of those rare occasions where I woke up feeling rested. Of course, I could have stayed in bed for another couple of hours with a book, but alas, Liesl and I had to get up and face the day.

I do not think that I have ever shared this, but Liesl is afraid of puppies. She does not like them and will usually make a wide berth to avoid them. They do not know the rules of play and will bite and nip. She will not stand for any of it. This is actually a pretty common occurrence in dogs. A friend of mine's dog will not even look at her if she is holding a puppy. However, my co-worker has a little 6 month old terrier puppy that Liesl is over the moon for. She has had her for a few months now and Liesl cries if she can not see her. This little puppy licks the inside of Liesl's ears and climbs all over her, including on her head. Liesl just sits there and smiles. Liesl will also go into play bow and will play terrier chasing games with the puppy, except Liesl will hold back in a way that she would never do when she is playing with big dogs. It is so cute to see her play with this little fuzzy terrier puppy.

I did not get to stitch tonight but did make it over to Trader Joe's. TJ's is starting to get in their holiday foods, which is so exciting. They always have really interesting items around this time of year. There is a Vanilla Spice Tea that you can only get during Christmas. This year I am going to stock up because it is so yummy. I also noticed that they have chocolate covered potato chips. Yum. I did not get any, but I have had them in Ben and Jerry's Late Night Snack. Delish!

With my move date kind of up in the air, I had been putting off grocery shopping because my pots and pans are packed and I did not want to have to move food, too. It looks like we are closing next week (Yay!) so I did a good grocery shopping trip tonight to get me through the week. Since I thought I was moving last week, I had been eating a lot of Lean Cuisine for dinner. That got old really quick. So tonight I made a great homecooked dinner of gnocchi with gorgonzola and roasted garlic tomato sauce. I had a fancy salad with it. It was such a good change from Lean Cuisine.

Well, I am off to another good night of sleep. But I leave you with this. I keep seeing those ads for Food Network's show "Sweet Genius." Am I the only one who thinks the dude reminds me of Dr. Evil?

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