Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Cozy Cottage

I had to go to the new cozy cottage today to sign some paperwork while an inspector was there. I figured this was a good time to finally take some measurements and figure out layouts for the furniture. I had also planned on taking some photos, but this was the only one I got to. I love the industrial top of this stove. Love, love, LOVE it! I see myself cooking lots of meals for my loved ones there! Okay, but picture for a moment with me. I am seeing that wall, which is actually a nice neutral beige color, in a warm pumpkin, I think it would look awesome against the warm color of the cabinets and the stainless steel.

Liesl finally got to see the house and yard, too. She approved, and made sure that everyone knows the yard is hers, if ya know what I mean. She sniffed the whole house and seemed quite pleased. She did not even smack talk anyone today. I got to meet the terrier that lives next door. He had to let us know he was guarding his dad and we were too close to his territory, but his favor could be obtained with a few scratches behind the ears. He is adorable and is also a smack talker so I think he and Liesl will be fast friends. In fact, there are several terriers on the street so we are in the right spot. The street was so quiet, even on a Saturday morning. Yay!

As I said earlier, I meant to take a lot more photos, but I got distracted. My agent has also been my friend for years. He has lived on the Monterey Peninsula for over 40 years and was a deputy sheriff for 30, so he pretty much knows everybody. He loves to tell stories and when he starts telling stories, I just have to listen because they are fascinating, and quite funny. So today was a story day and I could not help but sit down and shoot the breeze with him. He totally entertains you with his tales. Hours flew by but I had a great time! It was funny because he had to bring by some papers to my office a few weeks ago and everybody there has known him all of their lives.

After reluctantly leaving my new house (if all goes well with this last inspection) I headed off to Home Depot to look at refrigerators again. I am not sure that it is possible for Home Depot to hire a nicer, more helpful and more knowledgeable staff. Every single time I go in there, the staff is so helpful and friendly about it. Now that I think about it, I should really write a letter to their corporate headquarters to let them know what a great place this store is. Too bad they do not sponsor Tony Stewart anymore...

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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DebbieSFL said...

So excited for you and Liesl!