Monday, October 10, 2011

It Is Starting To Sink In...

It never fails to amaze me that the real estate business and related business are a 24/7 business. There are no such thing as business hours. It is interesting how many people have to come together to make a home sale happen-title companies, the real estate agent, mortgage companies, underwriters, insurance agents, appraisers, inspectors, etc., etc., It is a truly interdependent group of people that each have a really important part of the plan. Last night, the inspector's report that we were waiting for came in via email. Late this afternoon, it all of the sudden hit me how close this is. I got a little overwhelmed by the emotion of it.

It was a drizzly afternoon and evening. It was nice to come home after a busy day at work. I came home with a small schnauzer who was in rare form this evening. She was totally dramatic and hilarious. I warmed up her dinner as I usually do. But she was so excited about dinner tonight. She ate her dinner, licked her puppy lips in the most exaggerated way, made a very dramatic yawn, then plopped down where she stood and fell right asleep. It was a performance that was truly Oscar-worthy. She makes me laugh.

I am thrilled by the way that my blackwork piece is turning out. I have to be pretty careful because there are quite a few errors in the pattern. I have had to free hand some of it to make it work. It is so pretty to me though and I love the shade of red. (DMC 815.)

The other thing that I did tonight was look at drawer pull hardware. I really want something really interesting and different in my kitchen. I love cast iron and there is something called birdcage wire that I am really looking for. It is fun to play with details like this. My friend who is going to help me with the decorating told me that I need to live in the house for a while and then we will decorate. I need to get a feel for the house. Plus she reminded me that I will only want to put things into the house that I really, really love. She said that if I go shopping too soon, I am likely to just buy something to put in a space. She is so smart. I heard it said once that your house is the artistic expression of who you are. This is all very exciting.


Pam said...

You blackwork piece is beautiful!! It will look great in your new home, which also looks beautiful.

Gloria said...

I'm very happy for you. Thanks for sharing your new home experiences with us.