Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moving Day, Part 2!

First of all, I want to say thank you so much for your kind wishes and thoughts. It means so much to me! I really appreciate you taking the time to write such nice things to Liesl and me.

Had a pretty great day, but not as much fun as yesterday without my son. I had such great conversations with him and so much laughter yesterday. He gave me a great gift today though. He said that with what I had left to move today, that I really did not need a moving truck. He said that it was too hard for me to get somewhere and park it to get something to eat. He said that he would prefer that I was in something smaller, easier to move, and a bit more comfortable, so he got on the phone and arranged a rental of a minivan. He was absolutely right and today I was moving the boxes (we did the furniture yesterday) in a beautiful top of the line minivan. It was a lot more comfortable and I was able to go through the drive through. I have it tomorrow, too, so I should be totally done and will be able to spend my energy on the new house this weekend.

The seller had to come by this afternoon. I have met her and her husband before and she is so lovely. Someone I would totally have as a friend. She has been a person of her word and a joy to work with. She and her husband remodel older homes and make new beautiful homes out of them. I thanked her for making me such a beautiful home. I told her what my best friend and son said about how the house has such a good feeling. She said that she had to confess that she has every house that they remodel blessed. She told me that she and her husband also pray together all of the time and ask that just the right person for each house would be shown the way to it. I told her that it was that way in my case. We had a few minutes of being able to share faith and asked blessings for each other. It was a profound and unexpected good surprise of the day. This house will be blessed twice because I have arranged with my pastor to bless it, too.

As she was driving away, my best friend drove up with dinner. We were supposed to go out this evening, but I am not looking my best (not smelling my best either.) On top of it, Liesl is having somewhat of a difficult time adjusting. She has cried a few times and has been super clingy which is not her style. So I had left my best friend a message explaining that I just did not feel right leaving her when she was not feeling secure yet. (Schnauzers do not like change, today should look like yesterday, and tomorrow better look like today. Liesl thrives with routine.) My best friend gave Liesl lots of love and it seemed to perk her up. Liesl loves puppy mommas and having someone she knows and loves come over seemed to make her feel better. She is all stretched out comfortably on the sofa now and breathing deeply in her sleep. (She had very shallow breathing last night.) So seeing my best friend seemed to be great medicine for both of us. We had dinner in my kitchen and had normal conversation.

After my friend left, I took my first bubble bath in my brand new bathtub. The water was the perfect temperature (hot!) and lots of it. At some point, I intend to put a tankless water heater in, but I was really happy in my bathtub and feel so much better. I have my cable TV, my jammies on, a full tummy, had a good day, saw my best friend, and now have a little cuddler snoring sweet puppy snores. I am actually getting to enjoy my little house this evening. I am also thinking about all of the wonderful neighbors I have gotten to meet today, too. Some will just call out,"Welcome to the neighborhood!" if they do not have time to stop. Everyone takes good care of their homes and yards and are so friendly and kind. It really feels like home here.

I realize that a house is really a beautiful home when people you love get to join you in it. My conversations the past few days have been about future family dinners, knitting club, inviting all of my friends over and having space to cook them dinner. What is really exciting too, is that Liesl absolutely loves her yard, every time I ask her if she wants to go into her backyard, she gets really excited and wags her tail and trots off to the door. It warms my heart that she likes her space, too.

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Danielle said...

Patti, so glad for you and Liesl!! I am sure Liesl will get used to the house soon enough. Can't wait to see pictures once you have everything set up.