Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Non Stitchy Project

Today was a really good day.  I was the assistant minister and cantor at church.  I always feel so honored to serve in this capacity.  Being in church always centers me for the week ahead and gives me such peace.

The other thing that happened was one of my best friends invited me to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I have been watching what I eat for the past few months and wanted to get back on track, so I planned on having a salad.  (Yeah, right!)  However, my friend talked me into having our favorite nachos that we both love.  They are loaded with cheese, sour cream, guacamole, etc.  So they are totally fattening.  It was nice to sit and catch up with her and have our own version of a thanksgiving meal.  I love having old friends that you can always settle right into a discussion with.  We know each other's history so we do not have to rehash anything.  Old friends rock!

My friend had invited me to go to lunch with her today and to Michaels.  This is her mom's first Christmas in an assisted living facility so she wanted to make her room as cheerful and festive as possible.  She wanted an extra pair of eyes while she pulled stuff together.  My friend is a retired interior decorator, and totally rocks at flower arranging.  She wanted to dress up several wreaths and wall hangings with those cute picks you get at Michaels.  I went through bins finding the cool picks and she arranged.  She can make really inexpensive items look very chic and expensive.  

She was putting together the most beautiful bough with additional floral picks.  I fell in love with it. Of course, everything Christmas related was at least 50% off.  So I asked her to help me to put together one just like it.  She started pulling stuff out of her cart to arrange mine.  You can see the finished product above.  We made this for about $10.  I committed to memory how she had it arranged in the store.  When I came home I immediately put it together.  It is on my front door now.  You can see it above.  I still have to fiddle with it a bit now that I have seen the photo.

I am pretty tired out from our excursion.  I am picturing a really early bedtime tonight.  I am so glad that I went though.  One of my life's greatest gifts are my true blue friends.  We all love and accept each other as we are through thick and thin.  Acceptance and unconditional love are precious things and should be cherished.  

So now I am going to relax with my little furry friend.  She is in need of some smoochies.  She loves to be kissed all over the top of her head.  She is pretty happy to have me back home and I  am happy to see that sweet, goofy schnauzer smile.


Laura said...

lol :) Great minds really do think alike sometimes! We bought that exact same wire ribbon at Michael's a week ago :) Beautiful design - no wonder you value your friend's input (besides her friendship :) and it's so nice she wanted to make her mom's place festive :)

Bet Liesl was very happy to have you home!


Gray Bonnet said...

Look at that beautiful bough! I would love to be able to make something so fabulous for my home.

Old friends truly are a blessing, sounds like you had a wonderful time!