Saturday, November 24, 2012

Perfect Day!

I have had two beautiful days of celebratory dinners over Thursday and Friday.  I have felt so grateful to be among people that I love so much.  It makes me realize that more everydays need to be celebrated.  

I needed to re-group a bit today, so I had coffee and relaxed in my pajamas for a while.  Then I decided the time had arrived to clean my craft room/office.  As I have shared in the past, that is the room that everything ends up in.  My desk had stuff just stacked up on it.  There were small pieces of fabric that I was practicing hardanger on.  There was mail that I needed to go through.  There were puppy toys that were in need of surgery.  It was quite the hodgepodge.  I was glad that I had gone through my tray that has mail in it.  I found my car registration bill that had slipped my mind.  It is due Monday!  Yikes!  All I can think is that I had angels watching over me.  (Here in California, they send out the bill in August or September for a registration that is due in late November, so it had just ended up in the bottom of the bill bin.)

I can not work in a room that is not clean so I have not been spending any time in that room.  I am the same way in the kitchen.  I can not wake up to a messy kitchen.  Nor can I cook in one.  Both are my play rooms.  I am happy to say that the room is immaculate.  The puppy toys have come through surgery successfully.  One is Liesl's absolute favorite, so she was pretty happy to play with it again.  It was a joy to sit at my desk this afternoon, listening to the classical station on Pandora, cute little dog snoozing on a handmade quilt.  It was a little bit of Heaven.  

It is amazing how invigorating it is to clean the clutter out of one's space.  It is like clearing your mind.  Everything is now nice and tidy.  It makes me feel creative again.  It is also far more comfortable.  Hopefully, it can stay like that a bit longer.  :)

I have been thinking today how blessed I am.  Even with the health issues and adversity I have faced this year, I feel so fortunate.  I feel so grateful for the quality relationships that I have in my life.  Each relationship has been strengthened as a result of being on a journey together.  I am grateful that I have access to healthy food.  I am grateful to have hobbies that make me feel alive creatively.  I am really grateful for the unconditional love and lots of antics that make me laugh from my small cute schnauzer girl.  Life is so beautiful.

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