Sunday, November 11, 2012


It is really cold here right now.  I came home from church just feeling like I was freezing.  I turned on the heat but it was too late, the cold was already in my bones.  I have just felt chilly all day.  I have tried socks, slippers, sweats, a blanket, all to no avail.  I am one of those people who can tolerate heat much more than the cold.  Once my feet get cold, I am one cranky cross stitcher.

I had gotten under my blanket to watch the NASCAR race today.  I think that was the craziest race I have ever seen.  It had a fistfight, an insane crash at the end that took out half the field, and Jimmie Johnson finished 33rd.  I would never have believed the insanity if I had not beheld it with my own eyes.

Speaking of television...I will share with you that I am an educated person.  I adore classical music, classic literature, documentaries, particularly those about ancient cultures, the ballet, and the opera.  However, when it comes to television, I am a reality TV junkie.  I love me some RHONJ, RHOBH, Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, Long Island Medium, and various other reality show offerings.  Today, however, a line was crossed for me when I saw that Discovery was advertising a  show called, "Amish Mafia."  What the heck?  After that, I had to put down my remote, take a deep breath and decided it was time to read a book.  

So now I have come to the end of the day.  The Furry One has been tucked in and given her night night kiss.  I am left to reflect on the day.  I have been thinking today about the sacrifices that have been made by others in service to this country.  I think of the fact that we have so many opportunities as a result of so many others who have put their lives on the line.  Today we thank our veterans and honor the service that you have given to this country.  We are forever in your debt.   

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Vicky said...

I also love all types of music, culture etc but my secret indulgence is RHONY and TAR LOL