Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Incremental Progress

Okay, I know I have not made huge progress on the piece, but that I would share because it is starting to look a bit more "grapey."  I know that it looks like the grapes are all the same color, but there are about six different shades of purple in there so far.  The color variation is so subtle.  I think it will really pop when I get to do the back stitching.  

I pulled out my old JCS Christmas Ornament issues this week.  I have every issue going back to 2001 or 2002.  There are some really amazing designs in these collections.  I am feeling very inspired.  I really need to set ornaments as a bigger goal in 2013.  I really like the earlier collections, but they are all so fun and would each probably take a weekend to stitch up.  

I think I may have a mental block about stitching ornaments, even though the designs are so beautiful.  I think it is the finishing that is off putting for me.  There are some amazing tutorials on the internet on the different methods for finishing.  I will need to face my fear and get ornaments some out in the next year.  

It is supposed to rain tonight and I am so looking forward to hearing that pattering on the rooftop.  It is like a lullaby for me and helps me to sleep so soundly.  We had some serious wind and rain today.  This is what I love about our winters here.  Plus we really need the rain (even though the weeds in my yard are thriving!  My personal battle with Oxalis Megalorrhiza continues.)

Well, off to dream happy dreams.

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