Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Well, I can't fall asleep.  I have frequent bouts of insomnia, which really bothers me.  I have found that the best way for me to deal with it is to not lay there looking at the ceiling.  It always seems to help if I get up and read, catch up on email, drink warm milk, or watch TV.  Although I have found that if I put Craig Ferguson on, I start laughing too much and want to stay up longer.  He is so goofy.  Anyway, it does help to do something other than trying to fall asleep.  

I got to have a personal floss untangling party this evening.  When I wound my floss onto bobbins last week for my project, I left one card of all greens as is.  However, since green is the most used color in the bellpull, there are a lot of different colors.  Every time I pulled a section out, it would cause the others to get all tangled.  Plus I had several that I had taken one thread from but not put back on the card.  They were going kind of free range all over the sofa.  Finally, I decided that I had had enough.  So tonight when I got home I wound all of them onto bobbins.  Some of the bobbins have so much floss on them you can't even see that bobbin itself.  Then I matched up all of the willy nilly floss to the correct bobbin and put everything into a ziploc bag.  BTW, what did we ever do before ziploc bags?

It is nice to feel like my project is totally organized now.  I can not believe how much floss there is.  It will be interesting to see these bobbins get whittled down over the course of the project.  

I am finally getting to the point that I think I am very close to backstitching.  I have been trying to fill the holes that are missing a stitch first.  On a side note, if you are considering working this project, do check out Teresa Wentzler's web page as there are errors in the chart.  She has noted the errors and the corrections on her web site.  It has been extremely helpful so far.  

The eyelids are starting to feel heavy.  I am off to count my blessings and say my prayers.  

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