Monday, November 19, 2012

Grape Expectations

I have started stitching the grapes into the second panel of my fruit bell pull.  There are, of course, a bazillion different shades of purple in each one.  However, the square is going much faster than I had originally anticipated.  Maybe I have just gotten used to all of the blended threads.  In any case, I will have to take a photo in natural daylight when I have completed the square so you can make out all of the shades in it.

When I started this piece I had really had the expectation that this was going to be a really difficult piece to stitch.  While it is one of the most difficult that I have stitched, once you get your groove, you can really see the progress somewhat quickly.  I will admit that there is no way that I could stitch this without a working copy.  It has been filled in with pink highlighter ink all over the place.

I am happy to report that Liesl is back to her perky, sassy self.  Yay!  In fact, she started to walk into mischievous territory.  I had to take her over to Petco to get her nails cut and her feet neatened up.  I do not have the courage it takes to cut her nails (she has black nails so I have no idea where the quick is.)  Plus she does not like me trimming her feet.  The super nice groomer said that terriers do not like having their feet messed with.  I was really surprised because she also said that Liesl is beautifully groomed.  I told her that I do it at home and she said that it was really impressive how I got the lines on her skirt.  Then she gave me a couple of extra tips on things I can do.  Liesl was not impressed and kept letting me know it was time to go.  

As we walked to the car, a lady came up to us exclaiming what a beautiful dog Liesl is.  Now Liesl knows when someone recognizes her stellar beauty.  The lady asked if she could pet Liesl.  Liesl went trotting right up to her.  As we walked away, Liesl had her ears all up and walking with a swagger.  She is a total diva.

I have been reflecting on all of the wonderful things in my day.  Talking with nice people, the chill in the air, good books, hot tea, and stitching.  So much beauty and so much to be thankful for.

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