Saturday, November 10, 2012

Square One, Done!

Well, here it is.  Square One is d-u-n, done!  A big thank you to quiltluvr for the advice on how to post a more color realistic photo.  She recommended putting it near a window and taking a photo in daylight, without the flash.  So now you can see that it is almost psychedelic in color.  Groovy, baby!

Anyway, I am happy dancing that I got this far.  I get to move the fabric up on the scroll bars and start the grapes square.  I am pretty excited about it.  It is like getting to begin a new project.  

We had a night of rain which has given way to a clear but cold day.  Liesl and I took a brisk walk this morning, but have remained inside otherwise.  It has been really cold.  It has been such a good day to be cuddled inside with a schnauzer.  She has found a nice sunny spot to lay in and is snoozing away.  I love days like this.  What a gift!

Hope you are having an enjoyable fall day, too!


quiltluvr said...

Oh good! I'm glad the colors improved with natural light. It's beautiful with all the shading. Can't wait to see the grapes. :)

Laura said...

Wow! Those colors really do pop now! It is looking gorgeous! Quiltluvr had a great tip! I'll have to remember it! Hope the weather doesn't get too cool your way - here in WA, it's down to the low 30s now - frost on the grass in the morning!