Wednesday, October 14, 2009

After The Storm...

Wow! It was quite a storm. Our town was hit really hard. There are tree limbs all over the place. We were without power last evening. The amazing people at PG&E worked throughout that storm and did an incredible job. We had power back at 9:41 last night. I had fully expected that it would be out all night. The wind was blowing at 48-60 mph. Some areas got over 8 inches of rain last night. One area in the southern part of the county got 16 inches of rain yesterday.

For some reason, the Monterey Peninsula still has power lines above ground, so power outages are a normal occurrence to us. We came home, lit candles and the gas fireplace. DH got the last rotisseried chicken at Safeway, so we had a warm dinner. I got out my book and booklight and settled in for the evening. I did not get to stitch though. It was just so dark, and my booklight only throws so much light. Liesie went to sleep on her blankie on the sofa. It was quite cozy.

Between all of the excitement and illness around here in the past couple of weeks, I have not had a chance to post a photo of my Gingher Elena scissors. They are so beautiful, just like a painting by Monet. I will post a photo tomorrow evening. I think they may be my faves along with my Sarah pair. However, no sooner had they arrived when I saw that Gingher has released a scissor that is exclusive to Jo-Ann craft stores, called Mia. They have a plaid design. I will have to be patient and save my pennies for a while.

When I was in Solvang, I got to see some beautiful scissors called Wasa. They were absolutely gorgeous. It was my first time hearing of them. They seemed super sharp and so elegant. Unfortunately, they are also expensive. I do not know why I love scissors so much.

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