Saturday, October 3, 2009


We are being hit with a cold and windy front here on the Monterey Peninsula. It is down in the 40's at night. Brrrr. Luckily, we planned ahead and bought one of the down comforters at Costco a couple of months ago. When the forecast came out for the cold weekend, out came the new blanket. As a result, everyone slept in this morning, including Liesl, who thought it was a bad idea to come out from under the blankets before 7:30.

We dressed in sweaters and jeans and went off to run errands. I do not know why I can not remember not to go to Costco the first weekend of the month. It is so wild and it makes me crabby. Alas, we were out of Liesl's chicken jerky, which she has to have one piece of every morning. Heaven forbid we should ever run out. We would be in big trouble and we are afraid. LOL

We got the house totally clean this afternoon. I love that feeling when it is all done. All of the surfaces sort of gleam when you turn the lights on. I still need to sponge mop the floors but that will go quickly tomorrow, then I will be able to stitch. Yay!

Tonight, DH took me on a little date to a nice local place. Tomorrow is our sixth anniversary of our first date. Time sure flies. Anyway, we had caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes. Then we shared a fancy pizza made with smoked salmon (yum!) a super creamy cream cheese, capers tomatoes cucumbers, and onions. It was heavenly! We finished by sharing a piece of chocolate cake. It was really nice, and we had fun chatting about books and stuff.

I am looking forward to a nice quiet day tomorrow after church. I have some left over steak from dinner the other night so I am going to make minestone, watch the race, light a fire, and stitch with a small dog cuddled up next to me. I am hoping to do all of this is my sweats. I am thinking it will be a perfect day.

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Lisa said...

Sounds like your plans for a perfect Sunday sound Heavenly...hope all goes well. Stay warm!