Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, Monday, La, la...

With my computer issues of last week, I never got to post the photos of the scissors I recently bought. The pair on the left are my new Gingher Elena, which are close to the top of my favorites. The ones on the right are by Sullivan, which I bought on my recent trip to Thumbelina in Solvang. I really need to start stitching some fobs so I can show them off.

I did get my trees done last night. One was done in Smyrna Crosses and one was done in Fern Stitch. I also got to work on the Bargallo lace on the bottom of the design. I am getting both nervous and excited as I get ready to start the vine.

I have had the best time watching Liesl play tonight. She plays with total abandon. Her ears are back, she is deer hopping down the hall, running as fast as she can while squeaking her ball. Now, just like a toddler, she has just crashed. She dropped down on the bed, and looked over at me like she is ready to be tucked in. (Doesn't everyone tuck their dogs in?!)

I am totally bummed. I went to Target to get stuff for my Halloween costume for our party on Thursday at work. While I found something cute, I was stunned when I looked at the kid's section. They have Tony Stewart Firesuit costumes. Yet, they did not have it it in adult sizes. What?!! I coulda been Tony for Halloween! I would have even gotten me some "Estrada" glasses! LOL

Well, I am off to stitch my tea cozy. I may even start backstitching that vine!

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