Monday, October 5, 2009

Stitchy Night!

It was a good stitchy day. I had gone into work super early this morning, so I got off about four o'clock. I came home, changed directly into my jammies and had some frozen buffalo chicken strips for dinner, along with my Mexican Coca Cola. (I think I have shared with you my great love of buffalo chicken anything, as well as my adoration of Mexican Coca Cola.) I took my quiz for my Macroeconomics class and was finished by seven. This left me with a whole evening to stitch. How awesome is that!

To top off my happy dance, I received my ornament issue in the mail. I was really torn about what I should do, but I had looked forward to stitching all day. I did not want to just flip through my magazine, I really want to enjoy it with a cup of tea, so I am saving it for later in the week when I can slowly savor it. I pulled out my tea cosy instead, and got to start stitching the ladies. I am having so much fun stitching this

In addition to my stitching, I turned on Dancing With the Stars. I am cheering for Mark, the Chairman from Iron Chef America. I stitched my heart out with my sweet little Liesl next to me. It really brings home the fact that the small things in life really makes one the happiest. I had such a lovely evening and I am so grateful for the joy and comfort I got to feel.

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Theresa said...

You are so right--the little things mean so much!! I usually have my furbaby(ollie the cat)helping me stitch!! Take Care.
Theresa in NW Kansas