Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yay! I'm Back!

I have the greatest son in law in the world. He is an IT guy, and fixed my computer up. He works long hours with computers and yet, fit my computer issues in after work. I have my computer back and it is running like it is brand new. It was kind of fun to go to the college library for a couple of nights. They have great computers, helpful staff, and no distractions. So I got my assignments done. But I am so glad to have my laptop back. I have played on it way too much today, because I was behind on so much stuff.

You don't realize how much you rely on your computer until it is out of service. I get my news from it, shop, do research, take my college course, and do my banking online. I actually had to write checks for my bills this week. Now on the flipside, I was able to read a couple of books, stitch, etc., because I did not have a computer.

I am still working on my tea cozy. It is so beautiful. I will share a photo tomorrow after tonight's progress. I am hoping to stay up a little late. Liesl is already asleep and laying here beside me. She looks so sweet and so peaceful when she sleeps. I have my stitching stuff all laid out and ready to go. I have to find something interesting to watch on television. The tea cozy is so pretty that I am thinking that I may try to make gifts in future using the patterns. It only has a few variegated threads, so I think it will convert nicely, overall to DMC.

Well, I am off to stitch. Hope you have a good stitchy night, too!

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