Sunday, October 4, 2009

End of the Weekend

Well, I did get to do most of the things on my list today. I was totally thrilled because Tony won the race today. While I did get to stitch, it was cut short because Liesl had been playing in the backyard and came in screaming and limping. I hate it when dogs scream. It sounds like a human screaming and scares the heck out of me. She was limping and running scared so fast that she hit the step with her little body trying to get into the house. I jumped up and ran after her and scooped her up and held her tight. There was nothing visible, and all we can surmise is that she may have stepped on a bee and got stung. I just held her really tightly, then we gave her a baby aspirin. This happened about a month ago, too. Bob ran her right to the vet then but they could not find anything wrong.

She seems to be doing better now and is not limping anymore. She was able to bring herself over to the dinner table because she was able to smell parmesan cheese. She planted herself between the two chairs and stared us down, using the Force to make us give her cheese. LOL

I was able to make my minestrone for dinner. We have a ton of it, which is good, since it tastes better the second day and we have plenty for lunches this week. I got the recipe from my old Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook, back from, like, 1980, before fat and butter was evil. LOL. I love this cookbook and use it for everything. It no longer has a spine, the pages are all splotched with food, and it is just loved beyond being pretty anymore. It is the book I learned to cook from, and it is one of my great treasures.

Well, I am off to sleep off the excitement of the day. Let's all hope tomorrow is good and boring. LOL

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