Friday, October 9, 2009

Back Amongst the Living...

I got hit hard by the flu. Like, really hard. I had been fighting what I thought was a cold Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I went in to work thinking that I was still fighting this cold. By the time I got to work, I had a spiking fever and thought I was going to either pass out or get sick. Realizing that I needed to get home, and not knowing how long I was going to be home, I grabbed a bunch of paperwork and got back in the car. Our office has a strict, if you are sick- stay home policy.

I got home, at which time, Liesie decided that she should be sick, too, and got under the blankets with me. Dogs are so amazing in that they sense something is wrong, so they just want to be there to comfort you. So she stayed cuddled up to me and we slept alot of the day. She is a great nurse. I just love that little dog.

Yesterday, I was able to sit up in bed and make it into an office. I got a lot of work done. As an accountant, the first two weeks of a month are a critical time. This is even moreso at the end of a quarter. Today, I was not totally well, but the work has to get done. I went in to work, afraid I was going to get sent home, which I nearly did. I closed my office door, put a note on my door that I did not want to get anyone sick, and asked one of my buddies in one of the medical departments to bring me some latex gloves that I could wear when handling any paperwork that would be shared with anyone else. I think I have shared before that I work with the most caring and amazing people. Many of them came to my window and waved while doing a boo boo lip. Another put a sweet note on my window. They are so awesome. It just really made me miss them, because I could not go out and talk with them. But they made my day.

I have not really been feeling up to stitching, although I put in about an hour last night. I have also discovered Fancast on my Comcast Internet. It plays recent shows on demand. I was able to watch the first episode of "The Next Iron Chef" on my computer, without commercials. This is awesome. I watched that and almost got the two ladies all stitched in on my tea cosy. I am really hoping to get some stitching in this weekend and to get rid of the remnants of this bug.

Stay well!

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