Monday, February 8, 2010

Here Comes The Rain Again...

It has started up again. Tomorrow is supposed to bring a big new storm. I have stick straight hair, which immediately droops at any sign of moisture. I guess tomorrow morning, I will not put too much overtime into the curling iron process, since it will all go to waste by lunchtime.

I did not get to stitch tonight. Long time followers of this blog know that I am always taking a business class at the local community college. I take them online, and really enjoy them. Tonight was homework night. I also needed to study for a quiz. I was a little apprehensive about this class at first, but now I am really looking forward to it. It looks like I am going to learn alot.

I had a really good day today. I am really blessed because I have a job that I really love. I got a lot accomplished today. I am going to be taking my little vacation in a couple of weeks, so I am trying to get things done so that there are no loose threads when I leave. Liesl and I are still planning our time off. We plan on sleeping for the first three days. I may not get out of my pajamas. We will also include a few hikes and long walks on the beach, if it is not pouring down rain. I need to pick up some really good library books, and select a project to work on. Liesl just wants to play and nap. I am thinking that if it is not raining, I may try to drive down to south Monterey County to get some photos of the missions down there. There are a couple of missions that I would really like to visit. One is Mission San Antonio in King City. I really love the Spanish style architecture of these building and the artifacts that they contain.

I am really fortunate because I have a little dog that does not mind being in the car and going on adventures. She is a great travelling companion, although we will not really be travelling. She goes with the flow, and just likes being along for the ride. I just really like having her around. She truly is a joy.

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