Saturday, February 20, 2010

Staycation Day 1

What an awesome day! I did have a meeting at church for a couple of hours first thing this morning. However, I did get to sleep in until 7:00 first and have a cup of tea. I went to my meeting, picked up Liesie's prescription at the vet's, then did my grocery shopping and made it home by noon. We were expecting another storm, so I was trying to beat the rain. It was so gray and gloomy all day. The clouds looked really foreboding.

I had big plans of cleaning my house top to bottom today, including giving Miss Liesl a bath, and organizing the craft room. By the time I got home though, I just was not feeling it. I sat down and finished my book instead. Then Liesl came and cuddled up next to me and put her sweet little furry head in my hand, and fell asleep. She was just so sweet that I did not want to move. Next thing I knew I was waking up an hour later. It felt great.

This evening I made myself an awesome stir fry for dinner, then set about cleaning up my little stitching corner of the living room, which has gotten a little out of hand. That was when I stumbled across this little Shepherd's Bush kit in my pile. It is a really quick stitch and should be finished tomorrow. It is quite darling.

In addition to my reading and stitching, I got to look at some new blogs today. There are some really creative blogs out there. I feel really inspired to really start stitching more. I am also amazed by how many really beautiful freebies there are out there.

This is going to be such a great vacation.

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Patti said...

Oh my, I am so jealous! That sounds like my kind of day.

Sweet Pea is just adorable! I love quick, little projects like that.

I hope you and Liesl have 8 more lovely days like today and don't worry about cleaning your house. Save that for after your staycation!