Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Whirlwind Day!

It was one of those days where your feet hit the ground running from the time you wake up! Busy is good, it keeps me out of trouble most days. I had planned on coming home and working some more on that scissor fob before I had choir practice, but it did not work out according to plan. I did, however, get to play with Liesl for a while and give her some nice cuddles before it was time to go. We also got out a little later than expected tonight, but we did some wonderful work on our music.

Tomorrow night though, it is on. I am thinking that I will make one of my favorite dishes, the Thai coconut beef dish from Stephanie's crockpot blog. That way I do not have to cook even. I can just come home,have dinner ready, get into sweats and finish my fob. It actually has four hearts at the center and then a cute border of little hearts, so it won't take long. I may work on my Mary Englebreit card, too. I am ready for an evening of stitching.


Vicky said...

Patti, would love the thai curry recipe if that is possible :) Thanks

Patti said...

Hi Vicki,

I did not get to make it after all today. I will look at the crockpot blog (on my blog roll) and find the recipe and post the link tomorrow.

BTW, everything I have tried on the crockpot blog has been amazing. So if you have a chance to surf around on there, it is well worth the effort to try her recipes!