Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why The Winter Olympics Are Special To Me

It was eight years ago this week that I fell in love with cross stitch again. I had taken what I thought would be a small break seven years earlier. I had been working on MLI's Angel of Love and could not find the supplies or the time to finish it. It called for Kreinik braids and Mill Hill beads that I had looked for at Michaels for literally, years. I figured that the items were not available so I gave up and left it on the huge scroll rods in a pillow case, taking up space in my family room. As the internet started to grow and take claim, I finally emailed the Kreinik company asking if they had some old stuff in a back room that I could purchase. I was stunned to receive an email from Mr. Kreinik himself telling me of two stores locally that had the very braid that I needed. I really did not know that you could by supplies anywhere besides Michaels. I have since learned of lots of places I can buy cross stitch stash, thank you very much. LOL

Anyway, after collecting all of the supplies, I was planning a vacation up to Lake Tahoe and was renting a condo. I put my stitching in the car, so I could just finish the darn thing and get it out of my family room. The week that I was there, it just snowed like crazy, so I stayed inside and just stitched for the first time in years, while I watched the Olympics. Now whenever the Winter Olympics are on, I think about my Angel of Love and how it brought me back to stitching. Once I started up again, I could not stop.

I have stitched so many pieces since then. It brings me so much peace and happiness to stitch. My dad once told me that you should do one thing with your hands so that something of you will live on after you are gone. All I know is that it makes me happy when I am working on a project.

Hope you are happy, too!

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Dena said...

Happy "anniversary"!