Sunday, February 21, 2010

Staycation Day 2

Here is Shepherd's Bush "Sweet Pea." I finished all of the stitching today. I did not put the embellishments on yet because I have to iron it first. The very idea of pulling out the ironing board was more than I could bear while on vacation, so perhaps tomorrow...

It rained today, so Liesl and I were not able to walk today. I totally owe her tomorrow. The weathercaster says it will be partly sunny so we will have to go for it. Other than that I have to clean my house, bathe little Miss Liesl, and organize that craft room. I really mean it. My birthday is Tuesday and I really want to spend it in a clean house. LOL

While in my craft room tomorrow, I really have to pull together a project to enter in the fair. I am a bit late getting started so I need to pull one together right away. I am so concerned every year with the dwindling number of entries. So I really feel it necessary to build interest in the craft by keeping it in the public eye. I try to do my part by entering something in the fair every year.

Enjoy your week!

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