Friday, February 26, 2010

Trouble, Thy Name Is Liesl...LOL

This is what happens when a puppy momma leaves a bag of Liesl's cookies up on the counter. I have read before that if you leave food on a table and a schnauzer unattended, you may just come home to find your furniture rearranged. LOL. Little Miss Liesl decided that she needed to have what was left on the counter last night. The irony in this is that the bag of Newman's Own Organic Peanut Butter heart shaped cookies are actually Liesl's night-night cookies. They are the ones that I put on her puppy bed when it is time for us to go to sleep for the night. After her attempted robbery here, I offered her a cookie out of the bag. She looked at me like I had a geranium growing out of my forehead, because she thought I was making her go to bed. Schnauzers are creatures of habit and you just do not mess with their schedule. LOL
It was a good day today. We had a storm move in around noon. Liesl and I took an early morning walk again by the water in PG. The water was suprisingly calm and we had a nice walk. The picture here is of Lover's Point in PG. We came home, and I read my book. Okay, I held the book and fell into a deep sleep and had a long nap. I love vacation. Napping is awesome. I will totally miss my siestas next week when I return to work.

I got a little more work done in the craft room. Doing it in small increments seems to be the way to go, otherwise I get overwhelmed. It is finally taking form. Whoohoo.

I didn't get to stitch today between my reading and napping. That is okay. It was a really good day.

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