Saturday, February 27, 2010


First of all, our thoughts and prayers are with the people in Chile after the massive quake. We also pray for the people around the world in the path of Tsunami waves. It sounds like people throughout the world have really worked hard on getting people to safety who are in the path of the tsunami. In fact, since I live within a mile of the Pacific Ocean, I received a message on my machine from the Office of Emergency Services to stay away from the beach. We pray for all affected by this situation.

I have had an amazing day. I met a good friend from church for lunch today. It was so much fun and we just chatted about so many things. We had such a long leisurely lunch. What a lot of fun!

The evening was even better. My kids took me out for my birthday dinner tonight. My heart is shining with pride for these kids. It was my son, daughter, son-in-law and me. Each one is doing so well in their lives. We just had so much fun, and laughed and laughed. We went to PF Chang's, one of my very favorite restaurants. It was such a special treat and they just made me feel so special.

You know when you move there is always that one room where the odds and ends all get put into? Well, that was my office/craft room. I am proud to report that I am almost finished. I just have one pile of papers to go through and it is done. The room is now functional. My house is 600 square feet, so not having use of one room was quite a bit. Now I can go in there. The reality was that I did keep the door closed to it so I did not heat it, but now it is starting to warm up, so I thinking I will be in there alot more. Yay! The funny thing was that I cleared stuff off the floor and put it onto the shelves. As soon as I was done, Liesl went in there and chose her spot on the floor. I think she is looking forward to being in there, too.

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