Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Almost Friday!

Whoohoo! This is going to be one of those busy weekends, but that is okay! It is also supposed to be sunny and beautiful here. This usually means a nice long walk along the water with another friend and her dog. My usually dog walking buddy is at the Olympics this week (I am so happy for her, she is going to the opening ceremonies!) I will have to call someone else or Liesl and I can take in the scenery by ourselves. It's all good.

In addition to my usual chores and dog walking, I intend to go into the craft room this weekend and organize. I really want to get my box of patterns down so I can play with them. My vacation starts in a week, and I need to have a vacation project going. I am really excited about this. There is so much that I want to do on my vacation that it is filling up rather quickly. It is pretty fun to play at home and in Monterey County.

I really have to start pulling together a project or two to enter in the county fair. I enter every year and need to make sure that I do not miss it this year, even though I am a little behind. Textiles are the only thing I enter in the fair, but when I think about the fair, I tend to think about our local agriculture, which makes me start thinking about my own garden. I have some space to plant this year, so I am starting to think about what to put in for a kitchen garden. My dear friend gave me a little windowsill herb garden for Christmas this year. I would also like to put in some additional herbs, and some heirloom tomatoes. I love to garden and I think that I get enough sun that I can grow some things that I really like.

Enjoy your Friday!

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