Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Quiet Saturday

Today was a really good day. I was a bit shocked to realize that Liesl and I had slept in until 8. It was another rainy day, so we kind of took our time getting up and moving about. I had a nice cup of tea, watched some cooking shows, and stitched. It was so nice. I did get my chores done, but I spent the better part of the day relaxing, reading and stitching. Liesl thought this was a splendid idea and just napped next to me all day.

It just poured today. In fact, as I write this, it is raining so hard that I can not hear my television. It is just coming down in torrents. I put off my errands that I have to do until tomorrow. Hopefully, the weather will have settled down by tomorrow.
But I digressed. I got to stitch for a while today. It was nice to sit with it raining outside, little snoring schnauzer next to me, a hot cocoa (made with 2% milk), and me stitching away. While Liesl and I were able to squeeze in a walk (two blocks from home, the skies opened up and poured on us!), we spent the rest of the day quietly indoors. I was so happy at 5pm to have Nascar start again for the season with the familiar, "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

This ME pattern is so sweet. I am thinking that it also would be so cute in a little frame. I was noticing that the pattern, although it is a kit, provides the DMC numbers, so I can make more in the future. It does look so cute. ME has a talent for picking really happy colors and combining them into a palette that is really bright and appealing.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Patti said...

My day was much like yours, since it pretty much poured down here in So. California as well. Reggie and I didn't quite sleep in as late as you and Liesl, but I dare say I didn't get out of my pajama's until nearly noon! We also started a walk when it looked like it was clearing up, but by the time we got home it was raining again "/
Hope you have a drier Sunday!

Pam said...

I had one of those days, too! We were supposed to get huge amounts of snow, but the weather man seemed to get it wrong. But since we were not planning on doing a whole lot because the weater was supposed to be so bad I spent a large chunck of my afternoon stitching. It was great! Hope today is drier and Lisel and you are able to go out and get some sunshine!

They call me Estatez... said...

I'm enjoying your neck of the woods this weekend. In fact, I'm looking out at the ocean in P.G. right now. I'd live here in a heart beat if I could (too hot in the central valley) but since we can't afford property here, thank goodness our friends have a home here. Your talking about Liesl makes me miss our Buster boy. He'll be glad his mom and dad come back tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend (it sure is gorgeous out there now!).


Vicky said...

I am having summer at the moment, but am looking forward to the return of winter and a rainy, stitchy day.

kimstitch3 said...

wow you finished that quickly and it looks great.I'm sure your friend will love it hon,Kimberly

Barb said...

That is a cute finish. Good job on it. I really enjoyed your blog and will come back to it.