Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I had a great weekend! It started with a long walk along the water yesterday morning. Then I got my stops in at Target and OSH. I am going to be propagating some plants so I needed Ru-tone. Liesl and I were home by noon yesterday and just vegged. I puttered around, made an awesome cream of dill potato soup. It was awesome. We were both tired puppies. It was nice to have a day to just do nothing, except my heart's desire.

Today was great. I was the assistant minister at church for Easter Service, which is my favorite service all year. It is such a joyful service and this has been a really personal faith journey through Lent this year. I have learned so much, and feel so grateful for my walk of faith.

It just poured today. At Easter dinner, we just watched the rain falling while we talked about great books, including Victor Hugo, John Steinbeck, Mark Twain. It appeared that the rain cleared and we decided to take a walk. Of course, the rain started pouring, and the wind howling. We walked down to the beach, where I took the pictures above. The waves were just crashing onto the rocks. It was really breathtaking to watch.

Liesl and I got home around 6:30, whereupon I changed immediately into my jammies. Liesl thought this was a splendid idea and got right onto her blanket. I got under my blanket, and watched some fun shows on On Demand (comcast) while I looked at stitching blogs. I am getting ready to stitch for about an half an hour in a few minutes. I feel really happy and content.

If you could hold my dear friend, Laura, in your prayers this week, I would really appreciate it. She is a really special person.

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