Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Night Off

I got to stay home and play with my toys tonight. I was supposed to be at my choral rehearsal, but somehow, I wrenched my knee today. I think I had pinched a nerve in it then jumped up to file something and all of the sudden a pain shot through my knee. I was not able to put any weight on it all day. I kind of hobbled outside to take Liesl for short health breaks. I still do not know what I did to it. Oy.

So I got to stitch tonight and look at the local craft store sale ads. I just like to see what the trends are. It was nice and quiet. I had a cute little gray dog sleeping next to me. She likes when we get to stay home, which does not seem to happen a lot lately. I made my fish sticks and instant mashed potatoes for dinner (my guilty pleasure comfort food.) Martha Stewart would want to have words with me. It was great sitting in my jammies and doing fun things for the evening.

Although I have an office/craft room, I do all of my stitching in the living room. For several reasons. The first and foremost is that Liesl likes to lay next to me when I stitch and it makes me happy to have her there. Plus I can stretch out and put my feet up on the ottoman. My television is also in the living room. So it really is the best place to stitch. Unfortunately, I did not plan out the space really well and it is not really working for stitching. It feels a bit awkward and crowded and the lighting is all weird.

I have decided that I really want to make myself a nice, cozy little stitching nook in the side of the sofa that is not occupied by Liesl. While it is not really a pretty lamp, I fell in love with the 27 W full spectrum lamp that I bought for my son at Big Lots several years ago. It was only $29 and was awesome. I think I may have to make a little trip to Salinas to see if they have another one and splurge in the near future. I have an over the arm of a chair organizer with pockets, that I think I will have to organize it better so that it is super functional. I was wondering what I could do as a chart holder and then I saw this today: http://ruthsneedlework.blogspot.com/ It was such a clever idea. I love it. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my orts. If I can make this area extra comfy and organized, I may just stitch a bit more.

Well, guess I had better go get my beauty sleep. If you could continue to say a little prayer for my friend, Laura, I would really appreciate it. She underwent a major surgery today and has been on our minds all day.

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