Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Schnauzer Love...

I was driving along today I saw another car coming from the opposite direction, and my eye was drawn to a commotion in the front seat of that vehicle. In it I spied a little bit of a commotion, and saw the outline of two little heads, caught in a wrestling match. As that car got even closer, I saw it and started to laugh. The familiar little gray shaved heads, little pointy ears, beards, and of course, the horsing around at an inappropriate time. It could be none other than-Mini Schnauzers. It made me laugh out loud because they were totally engaged in their horseplay, oblivious to their chauffeur. LOL

Oh my goodness, if you want to laugh alot, a mini schnauzer is the dog for you. They are always ready to play and "invent" games of their own. They are so incredibly smart and can seem almost human. Conversely, if you want to spend alot of time talking to yourself (Schnauzers are notorious for ignoring you when you give commands) or if you want to deal with stubbornness like you have never known, this breed is for you. They need a lot of exercise, otherwise you will pay. LOL I can not imagine life without my Liesl. She makes me laugh and is just an amazing little soul.

I have heard it said that God does not send you the dog you want, He sends you the dog you need. I always thought that when I got a dog, it would be the kind that lays in your lap. Okay, that is not really Liesl's thing. She has enriched my life in so many ways. If you are interested in adopting a mini schnauzer, there are some really great rescue organizations around the country and of course, adopting from your local shelter is always a great idea.

I have also heard it said that dogs are God's special angels on earth, because they are the true embodiment of God's unconditional love. How beautiful!


Natasha said...

Oh I can tell you really love your dog and that makes me smile, We have two furbabies a Westie, Samson who will be 9 We have had him since he was a wee pup and the about 4 years ago a neighbor was giving their dog away because they were having another baby and did not realize the amount of time it takes to care for a dog, I told them I would take her for the weekend not really expecting to keep her but after just three days this little dog melted our hearts.

She is a Doxie and schnauzer mix. At least that is what the vet and I have concluded. She is such a love bug but also can be a terror LOL she listens only when it fits her, but she is also a cuddler and is so much my husbands dog LOL

I could never imagine my life with out a dog and never without these two.... Thanks for your story.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

I think Schnauzers are the best breed in the world! We have had three of them. They are so smart that I equate them with a two year old. With Charli life is never dull. She is stubborn, opinionated, and sassy but I wouldn't have it any other way. what a joy she is!

Patti said...

Thank you for your comments! I love hearing about other people's furbabies and how much they love them. It is really cool when we can share our love of a breed. They are stubborn, fun loving, and emotionally complex little dogs. My groomer calls Liesl "the Drama Queen." I did not know that a dog could be so dramatic, nor did I know they could act mad. LOL. Liesl will turn her back, hunch her shoulders and hang her head when she is ticked at me. LOL

I really am so lucky!