Saturday, April 17, 2010


That was the sound of this day going by! It was a gorgeous day here on the Monterey Peninsula. I woke up at 6:30 and while, technically it was sleeping in, I just could not sleep any longer. I headed out by 8 am so that Liesl and I could get our walk. I drove us over to our favorite walk in Pacific Grove along the water. My goodness, what a beautiful day. It was warm and the water was like glass. The little miracle of the day was that in one section there was this temporary fencing installed with signs posted on it. When I read the sign, it said that it was a seal pup area. As I looked down the hill behind it towards the tidal pools, that was when I saw them-cute little bitty seal pups. Just about the cutest things I have ever seen. They were making the cutest sounds, too. I tried to get a photo, but only had my Blackberry. The photo came out so small that you can not even see the seals.

It has been a busy day, but I am grateful that I have been able to sit down and stitch since 7 pm tonight. I have been working on the Serenity Prayer. I got a lot done on it. I am coming close to finishing it. I will post a photo Sunday night.

I am thinking of taking down my pattern file box tomorrow and going through it. I have to re-organize it a bit. Actually, it is really just my way of playing with my patterns and seeing what I have. LOL This is actually a carryover from my looking for something in all of my other stitchy stuff. I am looking for my floss ring (I know it is here somewhere!) and have looked through all of my stitchy toys for it. As a result I have gotten to visit with some of my supplies. Now I want to visit with my patterns. It should be fun!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have such a beautiful place to walk. I'll bet your little pooch just loves it. I hope you have a good week ♥