Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whirling Dervish!

It's just how I feel. It was a busy, busy weekend. I have had rehearsals and performances with my chorale group all weekend. I feel like I have spent alot of time in the car and standing on a stage (which gets very warm.) It has been fun and has been a great experience.

I had an amazing day. I slept in a bit with my my little furgirl. She loves sleeping in! We woke up to a beautiful day. One of the best things that happened today was getting a message on Facebook from my dear friend, Laura. She has recently had some very serious surgery and getting to hear from her was such a blessing, and filled me with so much happiness. It was wonderful.

I kind of puttered around until the race came on. Talledega is my favorite NASCAR speedway, so I was stoked. I had my stitching in hand and just stitched while watching the race. I have both borders finished on it and have to finish putting the flowers on it now. I made the perfect grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, which Liesl immediately decided should be shared.

One of my concerts was this afternoon. Generally, you have to get there as much as an hour to an hour and a half before you go on stage. In that time, I was able to spend time with some people who are truly important and special to me.

I ended my day by having some frozen buffalo chicken strips and bleu cheese dressing for dinner. I do not know if I have shared this but I have a crazy love of anything with buffalo sauce on it. I keep a small supply in my freezer for when I really have a hankering. That and frosted cherry poptarts are my guilty pleasures!

My day ended with stitching again. I sat in my little corner and stitched. The best part was that my little Liesl came and just laid right along side of me in a bit of a cuddle. She is a very busy little dog, and being a lap dog is just not her thing. Playing is her thing. So when she cuddles, it is like pennies from Heaven. It was the perfect end to a perfect day!

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