Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stitching Night

Wow! I came home TIRED! Last night was our last chorale performance of the season. I got home around 10:30, still kind of wired with energy from the evening. I ended up having a fitful night of sleep and paid for it today. I have been dragging.

It was a rainy and windy day today. I had stuff in the refrigerator but nothing that actually went together to make a meal. So I had to run to Trader Joe's to pick up some veggies. Side note: Cell phones should have to be checked at the door in TJ's between 5 and 6 pm. It is jam packed in there and you have people with cell phones with no sense of other people, carts, employees stocking shelves, etc and they sort of float through the place having some deeply personal conversations. Argh.

I was going to kiss the door of my house when I finally got home at 6pm. I got into my jammies, and started assembling my dinner. Liesl, who has put up with alot over the last four days, went and played in her backyard. She was letting me know today with a little tiny bit of naughty behavior that she has had enough. She was so happy to be home with her momma tonight. When she finally came in and settled in for the evening, she cuddled right up against me. It made my day!

I loved being able to stitch and watch Deadliest Catch tonight with a cute little dog cuddling up to me. My little piece of paradise. I am making progress on the Serenity Prayer and will probably be done by the weekend. It really felt good to have the rain coming down outside and the coziness on the inside of the house. This was probably the last storm of the season, so I treasured the evening, knowing it will be December before we get another good rainstorm.

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Natasha said...

A foot of snow has fallen in the seirrias in the last 12 hours can you believe it. I too love this rainy weather, we hardly ever get rain this late in the season.

It makes for the perfect stitching day...Our pup is part Mini Schnauzer and Doxie and is a HUGE cuddler, I love coming home to her.

Enjoy you week.