Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Today was my birthday! It has been a really good day. The weather is starting to turn gray and cold so Liesl and I stayed in today. So no trips to the beach. My dear friend took me out for a wonderful dinner tonight. We both love crab cakes, so we had delicious seafood and were so full. I am very comfy now. It has really been a wonderful birthday week.

The temperature is supposed to drop tomorrow. We have been warned that it will be really cold. In fact, it is supposed to snow at sea level on Friday, which never happens here. I think Liesl and I will run a few errands tomorrow, and then hunker down for a few days during our storm. Liesl loves to play in the surf, but raindrops are an unwelcome surprise to her.

I have said quite a few prayers of thanks today. My best birthday presents are the ones I have everyday with my family, my friends, my dog and all of the beauty around me. I am feeling that this year, my 48th, is going to be a really fantastic year. So now I am going to spend the last few hours of my birthday relaxing and cuddling the little dog that has decided to curl up next to me. What a great birthday gift! It is perfect and just what I wanted!


Missy said...

Happy Birthday and Best wishes for the future!!!

Karen said...

Happy belated birthday! Is sounds like you are having a wonderful week off.