Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Making Progress!

Okay, I am having a little too much fun with this taking a semester off from school kind of thing. In fact, just this morning I was thinking to myself that perhaps I should just take a year off. LOL It just that there are so many fun things to do, like stitching. So here is my progress. It is just one leg of a star. I think it is purty, and it's symmetry appeals to my Dutch need to have things symetrical.

We are expecting stormy weather tonight, which is okay with me. That means that I will get to have a cozy evening at home tomorrow night. I could really use an evening in. Maybe I will even light a fire in the fireplace. Ooh, and some cocoa would be really lovely.

All of my camellias are in full bloom right now. I have white, light pink and dark pink flowered trees. They are in my front yard and when I drive in to my driveway at night I am delighted by the beauty that is right there in front of me. I still think it is as magical when a seed gives way to being a plant as when I was in first grade and planted the pea plant in the dixie cup in school. I think it is magical when flowers burst open on the trees, even more so than last year. And I still think it is amazing when something comes up in my garden that I did not expect, like lobelia or Peruvian lilies, or wild irises. Life really is an amazing and magical thing.

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