Friday, February 18, 2011

Vacation! Whoohoooooo!

Well, Liesl and I are officially on vacation! I got off an hour late, but it was okay because I needed to finish up some stuff, otherwise I would never be able to relax. Liesl is already asleep for the night. I feel like I should stay up super late but I am not sure I have it in me. I would really like to stay up and stitch, but we will see what happens. It was so hard to get up this morning because it was pouring down rain and Liesl was all cuddled up to me. So I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow with my little Liesl.

I had to run to Michaels tonight and was so disappointed in what was left of the cross stitch supplies. The DMC had a lot of empty spots and there were maybe eight packages of fabric. It made me a little sad. I know that crafts are cyclical but I wonder when and if cross stitch will come back into vogue. I bought the last three 902 and last 924 that I need for my project.

The weather report for tomorrow is rain all day. This is okay with me. I have an appointment in the afternoon but I will have lots of time for resting and relaxing and playing with my stitchy toys. I am also crossing my fingers that my library book comes in.

So nine whole days to do whatever I want. What a luxury. It is cool that I can do as much or as little as I want. I have my furry little best friend, friends to have lunch with, books to read, stitching to do, and beautiful places to hike. This is so awesome.

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