Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vacation, Day 2

Another great day! I ended up sleeping outrageously late. Like, until 9:30! This is totally unlike me. I would have been up at 7:30 except Liesl who normal snuggles up behind my knees, came up for a full cuddle at 7:30. This is not normally her thing, but she put her little puppy feet under my arm to keep them warm, and I was so comfy that I fell back to sleep. I was able to make a cup of tea before the Daytona 500 started.

I have waited for the past four months for NASCAR season to start up again. What a race! I was sorry that Tony did not win, but I was thrilled for Trevor! There were hardly any cars left at the end of that race. Oh, my goodness, I love NASCAR. Plus, I get lots of stitching in! I got a lot done on my piece today.

It was a pretty day here. Liesl played in the backyard for most of the afternoon and just looked so happy. I love a smiling dog. The bright eyes, the cute smile. It makes my heart sparkle. So she played outside and I got my palace cleaned up. I have had a mystery smell coming out of my kitchen for the past couple of days. I tried taking out the garbage, wiping down the counters, and cleaning the sink and drain. But alas, the smell remained. Which meant only one thing--it was the refrigerator. I went into the fridge looking like the mother from the Exorcist going slowly up the stairs...I cleaned out the fridge and found the offending item. But of course, it can't stop there. I ended up taking shelves out to get them sparkling clean. It is what I call the "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" syndrome.

So my house is organized, Liesl is asleep, the dishes are washed, and my stitching awaits. It has been a nice, quiet, domestic day. Tomorrow Liesl and I are off for fun in the morning. Then I have a birthday lunch with one of my very best friends. (My birthday is not until Wednesday, but she is going out of town.) I am looking forward to spending some time yacking with her. Then I might go buy some makeup. I have decided that I need a new pretty lipstick. Something in a spring coral shade. Yay!


Gillie said...

Hmmm, I think I have one of those smells too! Glad you are both having fun!

PJ said...

Normally when you give a mouse a cookie, he doesn't get to the point where he cleans the fridge. ;D