Thursday, February 24, 2011

Knitting Circle Night

What a great evening! Tonight was Knitting Circle Night. We have such a neat group of ladies that just make you feel so good to be around. We had an amazing dinner together, that was so delicious. Then, my dear friend, Heidi served amazing chocolate cupcakes that she had made for my birthday. She made me feel really special. I always feel so revived and happy after an evening with these ladies. We have such interesting conversations and everyone is just wonderful and kind.

The women in my knitting circle knit the most amazing pieces. I am in such awe. I take my stitching with me, although I am becoming really inspired to go get some amazing yarn and knit something wonderful. My friends have such beautiful yarns in the most beautiful colors. I realize how much knitting (and cross stitch) have changed.

Tonight we have a big, cold storm moving in. It has already started raining. It is supposed to get below freezing. I went and did my grocery shopping and errands so that I do not have to leave the house tomorrow. I went to the library and got my book so that I can hunker down with Liesl in the house with a fire in the fireplace. I am glad that I got everything done and I am looking forward to staying in. It should make for a very good stitchy day!

Stay warm!

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Rhona said...

It's so nice to be able to spend some time with other creative people. I know what you mean about being tempted to try knitting - I would love to be able to do knit, just don't know where I would find time to do that as well as stitch!