Saturday, July 2, 2011

Awesome Saturday!

When we woke up this morning it was kind of a gray and bleak looking day. Liesl decided the best way to deal with this was to get up just long enough to fix herself up on the sofa to take a nap. I decided to putter. I had bought some cute things for the house at Marshall's this week, like cute little decorative shower curtain hooks for $4.99, so it was a good time to put everything in its new place. I love puttering around the house on a Saturday.

Finally, I decided that since I had mistakenly not bought the magical chairs that put themselves together, I should probably get to work. The boxes have been sitting in my entry way for over a month. This was not entirely my fault. We have had strange rain on and off during the month, so I did not want to put them out in the rain to warp. I was impressed that the instructions really made assembly easy and it only took me about three hours or so to get them both built. It was nice and sunny by the time the first one was done so I laid down in the sun for a while. They are super comfy and will be easy to doze off in. I got the all weather outdoor pillows on clearance at Target for about $5 each. Now I will paint the chairs red.

Okay, I am probably the last one to know this. However, I was doing my daily surf on Amazon for free books for my Kindle the other day. I happened to look to the left side of the screen and I noticed that Amazon is now giving their customers 5G of storage space on the cloud. This is totally cool. It is a great way to store your photos or music (obviously no confidential documents.) They say that 5G is 1000 songs. I am thinking of uploading photos so they can be kept totally safe in case of a crash or worse yet, if there is a natural disaster where I lost my backup drive. I thought it was pretty cool.

Well, off to my next adventure. Have a happy day!

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