Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Good Day

It was a really good day. I really got a lot accomplished at work today. I love that feeling when you leave work for the day, feeling good and like you made a difference. I got to go to a really good meeting and learned a lot. I got quite a bit of paperwork done. It was just an awesome feeling. I also sat in my car again at lunchtime after I took a walk with Liesl. I shared my lunch with her. When I bring a chicken sandwich we have an agreement that she gets the pieces of chicken that hang over the sides of the bread. She also got a few bites of my string cheese. I drew the line at my windmill cookies. LOL I think it makes me more productive when I take that quiet time to eat, read my book, and scratch Liesl behind the ears. I end up feeling centered and really clearheaded.

It has been a week now with this cold. Tomorrow it looks like I will have to pay a little visit to my doctor. It looks like antibiotics are in my near future. I am hoping to be better by the weekend because I have several plans.

It is really cold here tonight. All of the news stations are saying we will get close to freezing tonight. I am so glad I have not had a chance to plant anything yet. I still have to order my seeds from Park Seed. The selection of tomato seeds is so overwhelming that I need to emotionally prepare. LOL I really want to have a nice selection of heirloom tomatoes. I love tomatoes and can eat them like apples. I also love tomato sandwiches on white bread with mayonaise, salt and pepper. I get just enough sun here, too, that I think the plants will produce well. I am excited.

Stay warm!