Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Baaack!

First of all, a big shout out to my friend, L, who was concerned that I had not been blogging for a few days. It was good to hear your voice today, my friend! Thank you for being such a caring and wonderful friend!

I have fully recovered from my sinus infection. Whoohoo! I feel human again and have actually been able to go out and do a little gardening. It has been really hot here this week, so I have been aching to get out in the yard. Tomorrow I have to try to make time to start my seeds.

Little Fraulein Liesl had to have her annual physical today. Liesl has the most wonderful vet. She got a clean bill of health, but we were told that she is about 3 pounds overweight, which does not sound like much, but when she is supposed to be about 16-17 lbs, 3 lbs is quite a bit. We actually get a lot of exercise, it is just that she is getting a few too many treats. So I am supposed to take her for her weigh in in two months. I have to be strong on this, because I want to keep her around as many years as I possibly can, so anything that I can do to prolong her life and keep her healthy, I will do it. (To add insult to injury, she had to have a bath before she went to the doctor. I just gave her a kiss on her sweet little head, and she smells so good.)

As a side note, the doctor said that he never would have guessed that Liesl is a spoiled dog. LOL I do not know if it was my asking if she could still have her heart shaped, night-night cookies that I put on her bed or the questions about dog massage. LOL

I got to stitch for a while today. I am almost done with the bottom panel of the Serenity Prayer. I am thinking that I may do some blackwork after this piece. I would also like to become better with my hardanger skills. I love hardanger, but I tend to get intimidated between pieces so I do need to keep up my skills.

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