Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Morning Post

Well, it started raining again last night and should rain the rest of the week. This means that a short walk this morning with Liesl instead of the usual of the usual 30-40 minute morning walk. Liesl and I are made of sugar and we will melt. LOL

I got home pretty late yesterday, but had a few minutes of daylight left to get my herb garden started. I figured with all of the rain this week, it might be a good time to throw the seeds into the ground. I put in the usual cast of characters, dill, basil (two kinds), oregano, thyme, etc. I hope they take okay. I need to pick up some sage and marjoram. I would love to have a really good variety this year. Maybe I will even be able to dry some of them.

I still need to start my tomatoes and peppers. I have been so busy the past couple of weeks that I have not been able to get them into the starter. I am a bit frustrated about this. But generally, tomatoes are not really ready until August, so I guess I have plenty of time.

The hard part about seeds is that they are so inexpensive and the racks of pretty, colorful pictures pull me to them like metal to a magnet. I am finding (making) reasons to cruise past the seed display whenever I go into a store. Yesterday, I had to run into Target for something, and just happened to walk past the display. I found myself pulling the most beautiful colored morning glory seeds off the rack and putting them into my basket. 'Tis a sickness, I tell you...

Well, guess I had better go grab the leash and put on my raincoat. It looks like it is time for Liesl and me to greet the day!

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