Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life Is Good!

I had a really great weekend. It was hopping busy, but really a good weekend. Last night, got to attend the Monterey Symphony's concert, which was absolutely amazing. They always present amazing concerts, but this one was really memorable.

Today I had choir practice for Easter and Good Friday services before church, then church, then practice of a duet that we are doing for Good Friday service. Came home and finished a homework assignment, then ran outside to work in the yard. The weather was so beautiful and we are in for a week of rain storms, so I had to get a bunch of yard work done in preparation.

I truly believe that good neighbors are worth their weight in gold. I have had really great neighbors and really terrible neighbors. A bad neighbor can really ruin your peace in your own house. Therefore, I happy dance because I have hit the jackpot when it comes to my neighbors. Today, when I was working on my yard, the young couple next door were out working on their yard. These are the most considerate young neighbors and are always checking to see if their music is too loud for me, or if the smoke from their barbecue is bothering me. The young lady said that she had way too many lemons on her tree and asked me if she could share some with me. Now the only thing I love as much as chocolate, is anything lemon flavored. Next thing I knew she was handing me a branch of meyer lemons. She said they are really sweet, too. They are so beautiful and I really have to decide what to do with them. Yummy.

I got a bunch of work done on the yard today. I trimmed my trees and weeded several of the beds. I have several large geraniums. They were getting a little leggy so I just broke off the leggy parts and stuck 'em in the ground to start new geraniums in some of the yard's bare spots. Liesl had to help me by guarding me and barking at anyone who was out in their own yards. LOL After putting her in time out a couple of times (yes, she understands and does time outs!) I realized that she had a cranky on from being overly tired so we came in so she could take a nap. I got to catch up on the phone for awhile with two really good friends while I sat on the sofa with her.

I am really tired in a good way. It was busy, but I got alot accomplished and just had a wonderful weekend. I just feel amazingly blessed with my life. I have so much beauty around me, a wonderful family, friends, and a beautiful little dog with a big spirit. I am so fortunate in so many ways. Life truly is good.

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