Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oy! My Aching Head...

I feel a bit better today. After two nights of sleep interrupted by coughing fits, I decided I needed meds. This is totally out of character for me. Usually, I just try to drink more liquids and let a cold run its course. I was miserable this morning, so I was at Target as they opened at 8 am. In one stop, I had Tylenol Cold (both day and night time), orange juice, and Vitamin C. All seem to be doing the trick because I am feeling a bit better.

Other than my trip to Target to gather supplies, I parked on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, reading my book. My head was still a bit too achey to stitch most of the day. Liesl napped most of the day next to me. She is a good nurse.

I was able to stitch finally this evening for about an hour. While it was enjoyable, it really took more concentration and logic than I am capable of. I keep thinking that tomorrow will be better. I guess the Serenity Prayer is a poignant piece to stitch right now.

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April Mechelle said...

My baby dog, Rebel is a great nurse too. lol When I am sick, she will lay where ever I am. Hope you get to feeling better !